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One of Japan’s seminal electronics brands that became the world’s most innovative manufacturer of cutting-edge audio equipment, Denon is a brand that honors its rich heritage while keeping its eyes firmly on the future.

Since 1910, Denon has perhaps made more technological innovations than any other audio brand. Still, progress for the sake of progress is far from the Denon way.

Underlying this legacy of first-to-market technologies are three pillars that continue to drive the brand forward.

Denon is constantly developing new products that not only meet the needs of the latest formats, but consistently exceed them. Denon has cemented its reputation as a visionary and a tastemaker, not only with our customers, but with our partners and competitors. They are just as eager for our next generation of products, and reassuringly they support our ambition: the belief that better sound leads to a happier life.

"Every day at Denon's R&D facilities, new technologies are imagined as our engineers seek new ways to deliver immersive experiences, spectacular sound, and performance that never wavers."