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What is "Personal Audio"?


1. of, affecting, or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.

"Bright sounding speakers is his personal audio preference."

Hi-Fi audio is a personal vacation. Even in a room full of people, the experience of music resonates within an individual. You feel it in your ears, then your brain, then your heart; all of that happens before you start grooving. We want to highlight that.


We mostly sell items that are meant to be set up and enjoyed by the individual. In order to do this, every item we sell is a personal recommendation from the Earhogz team, and we test them accordingly. We consider 4 pillars when recommending equipment to our customers:

Preference, Quality, Experience, and Price

The Break Down

The Break Down


What does our team enjoy? What do our customers enjoy? What is the industry indicating with the release of new products?


Speakers, headphones, and even your choice of amplifier, can either take you to paradise, or leave you asking for more from your system. We understand preferences within sound, but there's no arguing that clear audio is good audio.


The experience of using your equipment should be a pleasant one. The usability should compliment the sound quality. Every item we sell is easy for one person to set up on their own, with no experience required.


Everyone wants the best, but sometimes the best just isn't tangible. We strive to find the best products at the best prices, because everyone should have the ability to experience high end audio for themselves.

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